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Sign up form for Advertising on Career Masters (


I would like to list and advertise on the Career Masters website please.


I am authorized to act on behalf of the institution, company or organisation.


Full Name and Surname: ____________________________

Tel nr: __________________________________________

Email address: ____________________________________


Institutions name:___________________________________(reference on payment)

Website Address:__________________________________


Signature:_____________________________________                              Date:_________________________


Choose the service you want to make use of:


Service Description


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        Banners (Right and Bottom)         R65.00 per month  

Add a link to your institutions website in our Education Portal

R125.00 Per Year


Add your banner to our banner list


R65.00 Per month


        Advertise a Business Opportunity        R350.00 per year  

Advertise a Training  Course

R350.00 per year


Add your Institutions name on our Search per companies List, Free vacancy advertisement for up to 50 positions.

R120.00 per year


Change your Careers Link on your website to link directly to your Career Masters job page. You do not need to maintain a vacancy database. All your vacancies are placed on the Career Masters Website and your institutions name appears on top.




Place an Article on the home page






Total Amount due




All the banners, thumbnails that will be used for advertising purposes must be supplied by you.


The total amount due can be deposited into the following account:

Bank: First National Bank

Branch code: 251037

Account name: Career Masters

Account Number: 62221291165


Fax or Email your application form and payment confirmation to us and the listing will be one in 48 hours




Fax: 086576303


For more information call me at 012 547 3769 or 082 494 5624




Sampie Kemp