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Boston City Campus & Business College 
“Boston City Campus & Business College, established in 1991, was one of the first official UNISA licensees in South Africa. We offer over 80 dynamic career qualifications throughout 47 branches natio...
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Get the Best Entrepreneur and Business Course


The know how to in every business for every entrepreneur.

You will learn  everything you need to know about how to run a small to big business from start to selling it as successful business



It does not matter how big your business is or how old it is, what matters is " do you want to grow it, and make it successful.


It does not matter how much you know in business, here is always something that we did not know or that we did not think of and though the course we would like to make a difference in your business.


To run a Business  you must not run out of  ideas and opportunities ad e innovative all the time.


A business start at a Dream, and


The question: What do I do about my dreams?


The answer: should be, let us start working on it and make it a reality..


With the entrepreneur and business course of Career Masters you will have the equipment to start a business, or  to grow your current business,











" Begin jou Droom besigheid DVD"


De DVD vertel jou van die volgende besigheids aspekte


1. DIe dinamiese sukses program

2. Die wetenskaplike basis vir sukses

3. Jou geloof oor geld en rykdom

4. Oorkom jou vrees

5. Programmeer jouself vir sukses

6. Jou behoeftes en begeertes

7. Doelstelling

8. ens


Hierdie DVD kan jy kry vir slegs R250.00 Daar is nog net 3 Beskikbaar van die beperkte uitgawe.


Buy the dvd's now.



Summary of the contents on the entrepreneur DVD


It consists of 14 chapters with over 300, A4 pages.


DVD nr 1


Chapter 1: Motivation


    1.      Understand the importance of starting your own business

  1. Know if you can be an entrepreneur.
  2. Be motivated to start your own business and learn to work for yourself.
  3. Understand how powerful the human mind is and the value of positive thinking.


Chapter 2. Creativity


1.      Think creatively by opening your mind

2.      Understand what is creativity

3.      How to develop your creative intelligence

4.      Understand problem situations


Chapter 3.    Form a idea for your Business


1.      Identify the need

2.      Understand business trends

3.      Take the first step in generating a business opportunity for yourself

4.      Understand the risk in running your own  business

5.      Patents and their registration


Chapter 4.    Financing


  1. Know how much you need and how to get it.
  2. Understand the difference between fixed, variable and mixed costs.
  3. Calculate the total fixed and variable costs of a business.
  4. Calculate the fixed and variable cost per unit.
  5. Understand and distinguish between debtors and creditors.
  6. Understand turnover (income or sales) and how to calculate this in a business.
  7. Understand the concept Cost of Sales / Cost of goods sold (COGS) and how to calculate it.
  8. Calculate net profit of a business.
  9. Draw up a simple income statement for a business.
  10. Compile a simple budget.
  11. Understand the concept and importance of cash flow in a business.
  12. Understand the concept of break-even analysis and be able to calculate the break-even point in Rand and unit terms.


Chapter 5.    Strategise


  1. know what makes a business tick
  2. know the 3 generic and the dynamic strategies
  3. know how to analyse your market
  4. Compete in the market place
  5. Improve your business
  6. Bypass many of the most common mistakes businesses make


Chapter 6.    Marketing


  1. Understand the difference between sales and marketing.
  2. Know the main components of marketing.
  3. Understand the concepts, market segmentation, target market, market size and market share.
  4. Define a target market for a given product.
  5. Identify and analyse competitors.
  6. Understand and apply  the marketing mix – Product, Price, Place and Promotion.
  7. Create your own marketing plan


Chapter 7.  The correct personnel


1.      Know how to recruit the right staff.

2.      Interview and select candidates

3.      Retain and motivate your staff



Buy the dvd now.



Chapter 8.        Managerial Finance


1.          Know the difference between financial Accounting and Managerial accounting

2.          Know the legal requirement of a business

3.          Know how to operate with the correct  accounting practises in place

4.          do various calculations to analyse your business

5.          How to do a cash flow projection

6.          increase profits

7.          Identify and know the different tax structures in a business.

8.          Cover your business with the right insurance


Chapter 9.    Sales Management


1.      Identify, recruit, select characteristics of sales people

2.      Building and Motivating a Sales Team

3.      Know how to create a winning sales force:

4.      Know the Selling process

5.      How to overcome and learn the Closing of a Sale

6.      Know difficult Customers

7.      Know tips on Keeping Customers Happy:


Chapter 10.   Human Management


1.      Grow your business through the right people

2.      Compile a job Description

3.      Know which policies and procedures to keep

4.      Be able to terminate a employee contract successfully


Chapter 11.   Internet Marketing


1.      Know what to do when developing a website.

2.      Know how to do target marketing

3.      Know what to do to get you listed number one with google.


Chapter 12.   The Business Plan


  1. Avoid the 6 most common mistakes when applying for capital
  2. Understand the importance of planning in your business.
  3. Write your own business plan, assisting you in your business and attracting partners and/or finance for your business opportunity.


Chapter 13.   What Next


1.                  Know what to do with your business in the future

2.                  Must you sell it or use a option to grow it

3.                  Know what buyers will look for in a business

4.                  Know some success fact of a successful business

5.                  Valuate your business

6.                  Know the benefits of a broker to sell your business or help you grow your business


Chapter 14.        Internet Resources


47 Website’s that you can visit to assist in building your business.




 Buy the dvd now.


Your future lies in you putting your next step towards the right directions. Take the right step and get your dvd now for only R299.00



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